Virtual Tours

All of our virtual tours are comprised of HDR (High Dynamic Range) images consisting of twelve different shots over multiple exposures. These images are then all fused together to create one single high quality pamorama (shown below) which is then fused together to make the 360 degree image. Using specialist software, the images can then be linked by using 'hotspots' to direct the viewer through the 'tour'. These images can also be added to an interactive floorplan if required and can be produced in a number of 'outputs' including Flash & HTML5, meaning that they can be viewed on almost any platform.
Use your mouse/cursor to manipulate the image and send it in any direction. There is also the ability to zoom in and out on any part of the image. At the base you will see a 'mirror ball' which is used to cover the area in which the tripod stands for cosmetic reasons.   


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