Floorplans & Leaseplans

All of our floorplans and leaseplans are created in AutoCAD from detailed sketch plans which are drawn to a high accuracy on site at the property with state of the art laser measuring devices. The plans are then drawn overnight by our CAD design team so that they are ready for 9am the next morning. All floorplans can be customised to individual client colours/specification upon request.

Whist we endeavour to assure our plans are as accurate as possible on the first occasion, if any alterations to the plan are required, the client can either contact our office to request a change or they can log onto our client management system and upload an automated request. Both ways will be dealt with as promptly as possible.

Please note that we do not use a disclaimer on our plans unless requested by the client. All floorplans are issued initially as a draft plan of which we are happy to amend, and therefore we do not accept any liability for any errors/ommisions. Our clients are advised to get their client to approve any plans and to use a discalimer on all marketing materials when using a floorplan.