Standard Photography


Exterior photograph

Elevated photography***

Additional elevated shots at same site

Standard photo shoot (10 shots-internal/external)

Additional images (per image)

Half day/Full day shoots














Matterport 3D Virtual Tour


3D Virtual tour (flat)

3D Virtual tour (2 storey house or multi-floor flat)

Additional floors from £25 per floor

Extracted 2d images and programmed walkthrough







Floorplans & Leaseplans


Floorplan, up to 1,500 Sq Ft (additional Sq Ft @ 5p per Sq Ft thereafter)**

Leaseplan, up to 1,000 Sq Ft (additional Sq Ft @ 10p per St Ft thereafter)**

Self sketch plan




EPC's-residential & commercial


Flats, up to 3 bedrooms 

Houses, up to 3 bedrooms

Additional room(s)

Commercial EPC's






Combined services


Standard photo shoot & floorplan

Standard photo shoot, floorplan & EPC

EPC & floorplan

EPC & standard photo shoot

Standard photo shoot & elevated exterior

Please note that additional costings may apply**

For further combinations please enquire

Certain products are not available in all locations***   










Credit & debit cards accepted

Terms & Conditions/Additional charges

all client account invoices are to be paid within 7 days of invoice date with the exception  of

epc’s which will be paid for in advance of receipt of product unless ordered on an established account.
we will attempt to attend all bookings within 48hrs of contact.


we reserve the right to charge for the collection of keys for access if the collection point is in excess of

1 mile of the work to be undertaken, or if the work is outside of our considered area. cost applied will be

dependant upon travel time and agreed in advance. retain full copyright over all content provided and reserve the right to use

for self marketing purposes or resale.


all prices are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate


Photos and Floorplans 'errors/ommisions' statement


although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of our products, we would like it to be known

that mistakes can be made, and '' do not take any responsibility for errors/omissions

we therefore fully recommend that all of our products are thoroughly checked upon receipt, 

especially floorplans and leaseplans (we are of course happy to correct any errors/omissions free of charge)

we do not add discalimers to our floorplans/leaseplans unless requested and we fully recommend that you and

the property owner inspect them carefully prior to use and that you use a disclaimer on any marketing material

sent out. any floorplan amendments requested beyond four weeks of our initial visit may be subject to a charge


Content retention

‘’ will retain all content on their server for a minimum of 12 months.
we reserve the right to delete content after this time and recommend that all content is safely stored by our

clients upon receipt 



cancellations will be charged at up to 100% of  the job cost if cancelled on the same day 
or after 5pm on the day prior. 

no charges will apply to cancellations ‘received’ before this time.


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