Photos and fLoorplans can offer a full range of specialist property photography, including elevated masts and HDR & 360 degree imaging.  Using the wide selection of lenses available we can ensure our photographs maximise every feature and create a dynamic looking image.  


Elevated mast

Our elevated mast photography comprises a 7.5 meter tall tripod with a remote control swivel and tilt head allowing you to aim the lens exactly where you want it. The image can be seen at ground level using a wirelsss connection to either an Ipad or Iphone allowing you total control over the camera functions.



HDR imaging

Using the latest digital SLR's we can now produce HDR (high dynamic range) images within the camera. HDR images are created by fusing together 3 or more photograghs of the same scene but at different exposures. Because there is no flash used in these images, they tend to show an image in a more natural light environment whilst showing a higher level of detail in an image that would not normally occur. They  can also have a slightly three dimensional feel to them as well.



360 degree imaging

Our 360 degree images are created using a fish eye lens to take four HDR images. These are then blended together to create a stunning panorama like the one below. Using specialist software, the image is then warped into a cylindrical image to be used in our virtual tours.